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I have been in love with reptiles ever since I lived in in Sierra Leone with my parents at the age of 3. In my teens I finally convinced my mother that keeping a small gecko was really no different to keeping gold fish. I quickly added slightly larger lizards, then got a little snake and eventually a large lizard (green iguana) and large snake (Boa constrictor).

Of all reptiles, geckos have a special place in my heart. Crested geckos are particularly great as they are such good geckos for beginners. I vividly remember the first time I bread geckos (day geckos) and the exitement that gave me. Cresties are easy to breed and if you are as excitable as I am, breeding them will give you a kick as well.

Keeping reptiles is a never ending learning process and if you have any experience that you wish to share, please do so via the contact form or the blog page. I promise to publish any constructive comments.

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