Are Crested Geckos Good Pets for Children?

If you have children, you will probably have had discussions about their wish for a pet. Maybe you budged and already own a dog, cat, guinea pig or suchlike. Pets are great to have, if you as parents are into them as well, but what if you aren’t? My daughter for example owned rabbits and although cute, I would never get any rabbits again. My daughter was too young to really take care of them, so it was up to me and my wife to look after them – and boy do they produce a lot of round little pellets.

So personally, I would definitely prefer my children to own crested geckos for example. They are confined to a relatively small cage, don’t smell and don’t make any (or little) noise.
But are they really a good pet for children? The answer, in my opinion, is that it depends on the age of your children. Crested geckos certainly are not the ideal pet for young children. Children generally want to own a pet that they can handle, and, although crested geckos can be handled (as opposed to many other lizards or geckos) they are quite fragile and should not be handled every day. In addition, crested geckos are nocturnal, so your children will generally not see much of them during the day, which may frustrate them. Lastly, crested geckos’ excrement may contain salmonella, which can lead to serious illness, particularly if children contract it. If you leave the care of the crested geckos to your children, can you be sure that they wash their hands after handling the geckos or their habitat? Salmonella may be perceived to be a minor risk, but do you want to run that risk?

So, in essence, I would not recommend crested geckos as children’s pets. If your children like geckos (as I did as a little boy) and are really keen to keep them, you should consider yourself as the main keeper and only allow your children access to the crested gecko cage under your supervision. If you are considering crested geckos as pets, you will have to enjoy keeping them as much as your children want to have them now!

Keeping pets is a huge responsibility and should be taken seriously, so carefully consider buying crested geckos for your kids. A rabbit may be the better choice after all…

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4 Responses to Are Crested Geckos Good Pets for Children?

  1. Auth says:

    is a 10 gallon tank big eogunh for 8 wild house geckos or do i need to go with the 15 gallon maybe even 20? I have lots of choices but i just dont know which one to chose they’re in a 10 gallon right now and they seem to enjoy it a lot

    • Crested Geckos says:

      Eight geckos is a lot in one terrarium in any case, not matter what species. 10 gal is definitely not enough, I would go for as large as possible or split them over 2 or more terrariums! In my view 10 gal would be ok for maybe two geckos. Make sure that they have enough hiding places and branches to climb on as well.

  2. Tuesday says:

    I’m considering buying a gecko, and I’m not at all expeirianced in gecko keeping at all, but I’m very keen and willing to care for one propely, and I have cared for many pets before: Hamster x8 Giant land snail x1 and I have an Axolotl at the moment, (a pink lizard that lives undewater, although it can undergo metamorphes turning into a salamander) I’m in first year high school but I’m very keen, (I love lizards) would you say that a crested gecko would make a good first gecko? Or have you got any other suggestions (-:

    • Crested Geckos says:

      The crested gecko is a perfect lizard for beginners in my view. It is robust and not fussy when it comes to food. It is even quite easy to breed, so I can really recommend cresties for beginners. Other lizards that are good for beginners are leopard geckos, anole lizards (e.g. anolis carolinesis), house geckos (e.g. Hemodactylus frenatus) and bearded dragons (if you have the space). Crested geckos are also great because you can handle them. Check out my pages on crested gecko care and how to set up a cage.

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