Can You Keep Crested Geckos With Other Species?

If you are as much into reptiles and amphibians as I am, it is tempting to add other species to your crested gecko cage. I personally find this all the more tempting as crested geckos are nocturnal and therefore potentially leave the cage “unused” during the day.

Generally, most experts will advise against introducing any other species, unless your crested gecko cage is very large. The main reason for this is that other species would disturb your crested geckos and vice versa. In the wild it is actually very rare that different species’ paths cross and if indeed they do, there is ample space to avoid the other and hide. In a cage, obviously, space is very limited.

Another factor is that smaller lizards could also be regarded as prey for crested geckos.

So, rather than introducing other species to your crested geckos, you could consider adding more cresties. It should be noted, however, that male crested geckos tend to be aggressive towards other males. Depending on the size of your crested gecko cage, you can keep one male and two or even three females. Size and the number of hiding places are a crucial factor here though. We recommend a 15 gallon tank for two crested geckos and 20 gallon tanks for a group of three geckos.

Before introducing any new gecko to your cage, you should keep them in a separate quarantine tank for at least three months. You need to do this in order to keep communicable diseases and parasites from spreading to your existing gecko population. Keep the decoration of the quarantine tank to a minimum and use kitchen paper as substrate. This makes keeping everything clean and hygienic and you will be able to check that the excrement has a normal consistency. Watch your new crested geckos on a daily basis to evaluate their behaviour, appetite and the consistency of their excrement.

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4 Responses to Can You Keep Crested Geckos With Other Species?

  1. Archie McTeare says:

    Could you ceep a green tree snake with your crested gecko.

    Or a gargoyle gecko with a crestie.

    • Crested Geckos says:

      Hello, sorry for the late reply – unfortunately I get so much spam here that real comments and questions sometimes get overlooked.
      I have kept snakes (e.g. garter snakes) with lizards (anoles) before, but actually would not recommend it, unless you have a very large terrarium. The same goes for gargoyle geckos. Most geckos are very territorial and they might end up fighting. In any case, they might get stressed which would not be healthy for them. In their natural habitats it is actually a fairly rare occurrence that two gecko species meet and then they usually have plenty of space to evade each other.
      I found a few good posts of people who have tried to keep these two species together, none of them recommends socialising them.
      Thank you for visiting my site, and apologies again for the tardy reply. I hope it’s not all too late.

  2. Ludvig burud geckos says:

    I dont know if this would work and it might not. Cresties and Leachianus geckos are both from new caledonia and a bigger chanse they ”know each other”. I know some ppl that have housed cresties and gargoyle but it all depends on there personalities.
    I own a crestie and was also wondering if i can add more animals, it would be awesome if 2 geckos frome the same country lives together. what do u think plz replie

    • Crested Geckos says:

      And once again I have to apologise for the really later reply!
      Two species from the same island or geography might mean that they would both be happy with the climate etc, but this does not mean that they would get along well. The Leachianus gecko (Rhacodactylus leachianus) is a huge gecko and I think it would give your cresties are real fright and might go for them. You have to consider what the odds are that these geckos actually meet in nature. If you keep them together in a vivarium, even if it’s a huge one, they will continuously “run into each other”. If you do want to keep some other species in the same tank, I reckon you should try some type of frog or toad (not too small and not too poisonous though) that live on the ground. For example, my son has a vivarium that is 90cm x 90cm (height and width). In that tank he has green anoles (Anolis carolinensis) as well as fire-bellied toads (Bombina orientalis). The toads and the geckos hardly ever even see each other as the toads are only on the ground and the anoles only high up in the vivarium.

      Ultimately, the best thing would be to keep your vivarium to the crested geckos and get another one for any other species that you like…
      Hope this helps.

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