Crested Gecko Supplies

We have gathered all the tools, equipment and dietary supplements that we find most helpful to create a healthy and natural habitat for your crested gecko. My shop is actually run by, so it’s easy to use and completely safe.
If you have come across any other useful tools for crested geckos, please let me know via the contact form so that I can share it with everyone.
Happy shopping!

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One Response to Crested Gecko Supplies

  1. Kristjan says:

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are some very good cretsed gecko diets out there, for example . You can even get that on Amazon. One of the great things about cretsed geckos compared with other reptiles is that it is quite easy to get food for them. Even the occasional banana baby puree will do! I really think that you should feed live food as well on a regular basis as it adds some excitement and other nutrients and roughage to your cretsed geckos diet! I have not heard of any fights between males and females but you do want to avoid keeping more than one male in a cage, unless you have a very large !

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